Marketing during a Pandemic: Going quiet on Social Media is a BIG MISTAKE

By 9th April 2020Blog, Digital, Social
Going quiet on social media is a BIG mistake

Trying to figure out how to make your marketing budget work hardest for you during such an uncertain time, may feel like quite the conundrum.

What’s absolutely certain though is, that whatever you do, make sure you’re investing in engaging with your audience.   Let’s face it, you’ve worked long and hard (and quite likely spent a few £s!) in developing your audience so far.  Now is not the time to stop talking to them…in fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn those good relationships you have with them, into great ones!

How do you do this?

You should be thinking about how you shift any planned marketing expenditure on things such as future trade shows, advertising or conferences etc. to channels which will help you stay open for business.   Think SEO, PPC and of course, Social Media.   The brilliant thing about apportioning additional budget to these channels is that, within days, they can be up and running, quite often with immediate payback…a bit of a no-brainer no?

Let’s Talk a bit more about Social Media…

It may feel daunting as to how you get social media right during a pandemic.  Yes, it’s vital to show sensitivity and empathy towards the status quo, however, what’s really important is to remember that your audience are sat at home scrolling through their phones for content that resonates.  Now is the time to connect with them and add value to their lives whilst in lockdown.

Going quiet on social media is a BIG MISTAKE

Whilst we all get used to this new world we’re all living in, it may be tempting to stop posting across your social channels whilst you work out how to keep your business afloat.  Quite understandable, but it’s not going to help you in the long-term.  In actual fact, consistent posting to show your customers you’re still there for them is vital in order to retain them.  In recent days, social media usage has been up by 50% – your customers aren’t switching off, so neither should you!

You may be a business that previously relied on having a shop front.  What we all need to acknowledge, however, is that the world has become more digital than ever before.  Content is King and it’s your job to ensure your brand/business evolves to inspire, build your community and drive value online.

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