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Telephony, stay in touch?

Telephony & IVR.

Our extensive work with big brands and their contact centres has vastly improved customer opinion, reduced call-related stress and improved agent efficiency. We’ll dive deep into your metrics, reshape your customer journey and deliver a seamless experience. Once we’ve removed your major choke points, we will work with your teams to implement your new service.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. This is an automated technology which allows incoming callers to access information via a pre-recorded voice message without having to speak to an agent. IVR also utilizes these pre-recorded messages for customers to access menu options via a touch tone keypad.

Scripting, Translation & Localisation.

Know what you want to say, but struggling to say it? Let us craft your words into that something that rolls off the tongue. Need it in 30 languages and localised for each territory? No problem. OnBrand can help you with that.

IVR Services.

We design and deliver IVR and on hold journeys, which improves customer experiences, reduces customer effort and drives operational savings. We want to work with you in partnership to actively improve your customer journey experience. At OnBrand, it’s our understanding that really sets us apart, we analyse your customer journey, ensuring each of your touch points are covered and making you sound the best you can be.

We can build the perfect tone of voice for your brand with our wide selection of voice artists to include age, gender, accent, pace, pitch and words used.

Case study: Virgin Trains.


The challenge: Could we improve the on-board sound of Virgin Trains?

Having already worked with Virgin Trains – reducing call volumes at their customer relations contact centre – we knew that repetitive announcements were preventing customers from listening to them, meaning they weren’t being engaged with. As a result, we were asked to research the voices used on-board, along with the all-important ‘bing-bongs’ that preceded each message.

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