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Meet the Team

Daniel Graham

Managing Director

A driven MD, powered by creativity, Daniel is delighted by our clients’ happiness. His family are his world and he loves working in a successful team - well he never sees that at Tottenham...

Piyush Patel

Director of Production

The Yoda of the OnBrand office, Piyush, or “P”, specialises in the art of installations and can hear a faulty wire from 600-miles away. He's simply an essential ingredient in the OnBrand mix-up.

Emma Thompson

Marketing Solutions

A genuine people-person, Emma embraces the diversity of challenges offered through her work as well as motherhood. When she’s not her kids' taxi driver, she’s helping us steer our clients towards their goals.


Debbie Raines

Account Director

When she’s not helping clients to plan and execute successful campaigns, unofficial Karaoke Queen Debbie, loves to rock out to bands. She also loves running while thinking up creative ideas for her clients.

Michael Higgins

Michael Higgins

Web Designer / Developer

Michael has had unsuccessful stints as a guitarist and is a Newcastle United fan. However, he's won a recent white collar boxing bout, so if you don’t like the website he built, it’s probably best to pretend you do!

Andrea Petrou

Andrea Petrou

Social Media and Content Manager

When she’s not planning social campaigns or writing, shopping obsessed Andrea is hiding new clothes and feigning surprise about them. She can also fit 20 Maltesers in her mouth – it’s the only time she stops talking.


Alex Ziff

Marketing Account Manager

A Zara loving, Simply Red super fan. Alex has worked at MUTV, SKY and ITV and brings her marketing sass wherever she goes and loves to turn her creative talents into clients marketing solutions. Her claim to fame is a being a former local TV Weather girl – so when you want a weather update (or quite frankly what to wear) – you know who to ask!

Tom Jones

Tom Jones

Audio Production Executive

He shares the same name as a famous crooner, but Tom’s skills lie more in producing audio rather than singing it. Although, there's video evidence of him belting out Suggs’ Blue Day at 3 – an ode to his fave footie team.

Cal Graham

Strategic Marketing Consultant

Master marketer, mother and boot camp lover – Cal is unstoppable. Until it comes to sneezes, which she does 7 times in a row. A genuine innovator, she can flip a tractor tire 10 times in a row. Determined and creative.

Leon Da Costa

Web Developer

A true Londoner who loves cutting through the city on his motorbike. His favourite book is Ready Player One, a title that gives a clue to his passion for all things tech, including his love for video games...

Stacey Waterman-Coleman

Editor & Senior Content Manager

Anyone who names Saturday Night Fever as their fave movie has a passion for fashion! Stacey loves embracing the creative freedom of her role to create stylish, engaging articles for lifestyle readers everywhere!

Katie Marks

Marketing Account Manager

A Netflix-loving, cinema-going marketer, Katie enjoys putting an innovative spin on traditional marketing methods. Her “can-do” attitude led her to a grade 6 singing award – even though she insists she can’t sing!


Keri-Ann Read

Audio Production Executive

Keri-Ann shares the OnBrand ethos of having happy customers and voice artists. She loves going to gigs and great at getting lost in the mosh pit. However, she’s not so good at telling jokes…so she says. We find her hilarious!

Anthony Newman


The giant softie from Hertfordshire is our personal Rainman. His love for numbers allows the company to tick and it never takes him long to count how many titles Spurs have in the trophy cabinet!