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By 24th March 2020Blog, Digital

With the physical world becoming more and more limited, people are turning to social media more than ever to connect with each other and run their daily lives.

For businesses, there’s lots to be thinking about right now, but, whatever you do, make sure you’ve thought about how you may need to shift how you approach your social media communications.

‘Doing Social Media’ properly is quite a craft in itself. Contrary to some ‘non-marketeers’ opinion, it isn’t just a case of writing a bit of copy to go alongside an eye-catching product image…oh no! In order to drive maximum results, and come out the other side of this challenging period in a positive way, you’ll need to ensure you have a strong handle on the following:

Editorial Strategy & Content Creation

During these times, it’s crucial to get the balance right between communicating your key messages whilst demonstrating that you recognise the impact of COVID_19 in the world around us.

For example, think about how your products/services could be helping the community during lockdown.   What’s a unique way that you, as a business, can add value through what you share? Simply pushing product is a big no-no.

Our editorial and social media experts are here to help you craft your social media posts to ensure they resonate with your customers and drive loyalty and sales, whilst the world is navigating its way through such an unpredictable era.

We can help with everything from putting together editorial strategies to writing and creating posts for multiple channels…we’ll make sure you get it right.

Paid Media

Your business model may look very different today, from what it looked like just a couple of weeks ago and it’s likely that you’ll be wanting to reach as much of your target customer base through social media as possible.   Once you’ve got your messaging right (that bit’s crucial!), you’ll need someone who knows what they’re doing with paid media, so that your budget works as effectively as possible.

No idea where to start with this?  Fear not, we do this every day for a range of different clients and we’re here to help you too!

Content Scheduling

In this fast-moving world, you probably have a to-do list longer than your two arms put together. Stopping your day to remember to post a piece of social media content, may not be at the top it!

That being said, it’s really important to keep to consistent and frequent posting times across your social channels in order to get the most from them.  Forgetting to post can have a significant impact on your organic reach and engagement.

Let us take a load off your mind – we’ll schedule all content for your business at the optimum time. We can use a test and learn approach to ensure we post content at a time your audience are most likely to engage….result!!

Community Management

With so much change going on, and a world full of people at home and logged into their social accounts, it’s likely your business is going to see an uplift in people commenting and asking questions on your social pages. Are you ready to respond?

We can help with everything from setting up automated responses to FAQs across your social pages, to manual social listening and responding to your audience.

The businesses who are able to show they’re using their social media presence to authentically connect during these times, are the ones who will come out on top.

Our team are ready to help you with as much of the above as you need. We’re passionate about supporting fellow businesses to get their comms right, which is why we’re offering a FREE 15 minute call to chat through anything that may be troubling you from a marketing/comms perspective to help you find a creative solution.

We’re in this together.

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