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Music has the power to positively influence mood and actions. It’s a tool used by smart thinking companies all over the world to provide the best possible in-store experience to customers and employees. We have been working with brands of all shapes and sizes to deliver flawless music and messaging services.

Now get ready for the science bit… 77% of retailers agree that music is proven to increase dwell time and create a positive atmosphere.

By installing our easily programmable playout technology, we can help bring your destination to life. Our automated messaging service keeps your customers informed, allowing you to mix important facilities messages with marketing and events. We have over 30 carefully curated playlists for all occasions to build the perfect atmosphere, with the option of creating bespoke playlists for any event.

With over 55 PA installations under our belt, the creation of music and messaging for over 1 billion shopper visits a year, and a history of research into customer behaviour, we’re used to providing content that becomes a big hit with modern shoppers and customers.

Our music library and playlists.

We have 30+ commercial playlists to choose from, and 8 Royalty Free Playlists.

Change the way your customers feel, just by the sounds you use in your business. We have playlists of music designed for popular request including:

– Retail music playlist
– Cafe music playlist
– Restaurant music playlist
– Supermarket music playlist
– Shopping centre music

What does your brand sound like? We can help you create instant brand recognition through sound, or choose the right voice or accent to appeal to your primary target audience. We can even change purchasing behaviour with our tone of voice recommendations.


Retail giants McArthurGlen teamed up with music moguls Universal to run a campaign for the launch of Take That’s much anticipated album, Wonderland.

Enter OnBrand to create a bespoke Take That playlists that would play in each of McArthurGlen’s 6 British centres and get their customers in the mood to celebrate this musical event.

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