Keyword Research Services.

We uncover treasure troves of insight with our keyword research services that will put you on the map

Keyword Research.

Our keyword research services are a specific strand of the SEO and Content Marketing work we do with our clients. We use industry leading technology platforms like Semrush to get an accurate, up-to-date goldmine of information and data that our keyword experts drill into

Keyword Difficulty
User Intent
Monthly Search Volumes
CPC Insight

Our Services.

Current Rankings.

We can provide you with a report of what your current website currently does and doesn’t rank for

Keyword Opportunities.

Experts at looking through keyword research data and highlighting new and undiscovered opportunities

Keyword Analysis & Mapping.

We will establish if your website and its pages are optimised for the optimal keyword or keyphrase and provide you a revised keyword map for your website

Content Planning.

Conducting keyword research to plan out content that will drive further traffic to your website

SEMRUSH Training.

New to Semrush? We offer 30 & 60 min training courses to get you up and running


Keyword research is a small part of SEO. Find out more more about our SEO services.

How to use SEMRUSH for keyword research.

SEMRUSH is a keyword research platform that allows you to view data around keywords, keyphrases and questions that people like you and me are typing into Google every day, so remember that includes your customers too! Use it effectively and in line with a strategy and you’ll uncover a treasure trove of insight.

SEMRUSH keyword research platform example

OnBrand discussing keyword research on TikTok.

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