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Social media paid advertising for customer acquisition & retention. We help brands grow through paid social media campaigns.


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Paid Social Media Agency

Social media paid advertising for customer acquisition & retention. We help brands grow through paid social media campaigns.

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Social media advertising for each stage of the sales funnel

Social media will account for 33% of all digital advertising spend in 2022. Those getting their paid ads strategy right see an increase in sales. An established paid social media agency can help you nail paid social. Strategically planned paid social opens up a world of growth for your business.

Strategy & Platforms

We work with you to develop a strategy that aligns with your objectives and goals.

Experts at creating lead nurturing campaigns to take prospects through the sales funnel. Platforms we run ads on

✅ LinkedIn Ads

✅ Facebook Ads

✅ Instagram Ads

✅ TikTok Ads

✅ Twitter Ads

✅ YouTube Ads

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Has your paid social been a success? What measures of success are you using? Do you have clear reporting and visibility over your campaigns?

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Targeting & Retargeting

Expert as using the functionality on each platform to deliver highly targeted and focused campaigns.

Utilising and creating retargeting campaigns are a highly effective part of any marketing strategy. Retargeting ads allow you to connect with your target audience on their buying journey and puts your forefront of their mind. If someone has discovered you once then make sure they discover you again and learn more about your brand.

Campaign Creation & Set Up

Adopting the right mix of ad formats and split testing copy and creative is key to delivering high performing campaigns.

Carousel ads, single image ads, text ads, video ads, shopping ads. You name is we can do it!

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paid social media campaign management

Campaign Management

We monitor, analyse, track and optimise campaigns to get the best performance possible.


We report on the metrics that are of most value and relevance to your objectives. Impressions, click throughs, downloads, shares, likes, clicks, sign ups, conversions.

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Case Study

Mama Bamboo tasked us with creating content that would increase the awareness of its eco-friendly nappy products, made from sustainable bamboo. We devised a strategy that got them noticed and connecting with new and existing customers through disruptive and engaging content resulting in a 90% increase in revenue.

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Results in

90% Increase in Revenue

62% Increase in Transactions

17% Higher Order Value


As content marketing experts we formulate the right mix of content for your target audience for each stage of the sales funnel. Hear from our happy customers..

Laura Crawford

Founder - Mama Bamboo

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the first month's draft posts, these are so perfectly in tune with our brand and they look really premium. I can already sense how the level of engagement will increase as a direct result."

Simeon Chodosh

CEO - Bernies V8's

"I've worked with OnBrand on many occasions over the years. Their work is second to none and we've seen great return from their marketing. I would not hesitate to share their details with anyone."

Mike Goldthorpe

Director - Association of Royal Navy Officers

"We are a small organisation with big ideas but little marketing experience. Having identified OnBrand to assist we have been immensely impressed by our short time working together. The OnBrand team gripped the issues, created solutions and put the plan into action. The results outstanding. Increased recognition, awareness and on-line presence. Very much looking forward to the next stage of the journey."

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