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Results-driven email marketing

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We will develop a well-defined content strategy that will guide all of your future campaigns. We believe that results from email marketing comes from understanding, reviewing and defining your objectives first. Ultimately, our approach is to use our expertise to understand your business and do the solid preparation first, so that when we execute your campaigns, we have a clear vision, target audience and focused, efficient approach to business growth generation.

We send everything from content-rich newsletters to single-minded digital postcards, and timely triggered emails using dynamic content
– Our aim is to grow your business through improved user journey and engagement
– Everything we do is results-driven and so test and measurement is integral to the process
– Regular reporting and analysis will guide our work and aim for maximum results

Assessing your CRM platform

If you currently use a CRM platform, we will assess its functionality against your objectives.

We have the expertise to train your team and guide you to making the most of your existing CRM platform.

If you are looking for a new CRM platform, our team of experts can make recommendations according to your requirements, install, train you, and implement a new, fully integrated platform.

Audience Segmentation & Targeting

Our in-depth analysis of your list data, historical email engagement and response rates will establish and identify your audiences for better targeting and segmentation.

Once we have segmented your data, we will run A/B or multivariate tests, after which, we will analyse results and optimise to get you uplift in open rates, clicks and conversions.


Automated campaigns allow for efficient and effective communication in a strategic and timely manner.

Testing and measuring at every stage allows for refinement and ensuring your campaigns are optimised for best results.

Trigger emails

What happens next when a recipient opens, clicks, responds, or is non-responsive is crucial to maximising results from your email marketing. We will review the entire user journey and plan creatively developed responses that captures your audience at each stage, increasing your chances of engagement.

Email and landing page design

Our team of expert designers and will use their understanding of your objectives to create engaging email designs that work brilliantly with your content. We create attention-grabbing designs that captures the essence of your brand, ensuring your audience understands what you are all about.
Our designers will design and create landing pages that complement your campaign and work hard to drive conversions.

Expertly written content

Our content writers will be involved from the offset, helping to develop your content strategy and content pillars that guide your campaigns.

We pride ourselves on having the expertise to write persuasive content, testing new ideas with carefully considered tone of voice that works to convey your brand values and business objectives.

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Sally Griffin

""The team at OnBrand were a joy to work with from the beginning! They spent time listening to us and understanding what we do, so that they could design a website that reflects who we are. The designs were fabulous and the site development pain-free for us. I would highly recommend OnBrand and look forward to working with them again soon.""

Simeon Chodosh

""I've worked with Onbrand on many occasions over the years. Their work is second to none and we've seen great return from their marketing. I would not hesitate to share their details with anyone.""

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