How we increased Instagram reach by 2548% for a shopping centre.

Essex Shopping centre.

The Pavilions is a shopping centre based in the town of Waltham Abbey and its community spirit carries right through its many retailers – from top name brands to specialist stores.


The Challenge.

Social has become the way to engage and attract audiences and this shopping centre wanted to take a piece of this platform. They wanted to evolve the look and feel of their grid, creating premium and professional content that would resonate with their community on both their page and others local to them.

Shopping Centre

Consumer Behaviour
Social Media Scoping
Social Media Strategy
Content Creation

What We Did.

Having run our client’s Facebook and Twitter social platforms for a while, we had insight into the content themes and topics that resonated with their audience.

We began by analysing the Instagram page, finding that whilst previous content had been informative, when it all sat together on the grid, it lacked an aesthetic premium ‘flow’.

Incorporating bright and bold imagery with colours and tones linking across each piece of content, plus adding branding to each post to help raise the centre’s profile and give it a professional ‘sign off’, was a key solution here. As was creating content to resonate with the target audience and the centre’s offering.

The second challenge – increasing reach and engagement was solved by following local businesses and people and doing daily outreach, where we would look for conversations where it seemed natural for the shopping centre to comment on outside of their own grid.

We also followed local hashtags and dedicated time each day to joining in the local conversation so that we would reach and engage with as many people as we could, particularly those not yet following us. We also started posting daily Instagram with stories relevant to the target audience and ensuring the shopping centre appeared at the top of users’ homepage on Instagram.