How we built a new customer friendly website for Aylesham shopping centre.

Aylesham Shopping centre.

The Aylesham Shopping Centre in Peckham is a small space housing independent stores and a big supermarket. It forms part of the community high Street.


The Challenge.

The centre had a website and a logo that just didn’t appeal to the current audience. Trying to find information about the centre was also like trying to find a lost needle in a virtual haystack. They knew something had to change, so they called on us to give their branding a shake-up.

Shopping Centre

Website Creation
Website Design
Customer Journey Mapping

What We Did.

We know how important it is for a community shopping centre to have the support of its local people, so we decided to combine our skills with their feedback. They told us they wanted the new website to reflect their community.

We also knew that it was essential that customers could easily find centre opening hours, and if the stores at the centre have any offers available. As a result we decided to make this the foundations of the site.

To bring the centre up to date, we also worked on a new logo, to make it current, clean and modern. This branding was reflected throughout the whole site.

And of course, we didn’t ignore the community feedback, adding in a news page and making sure we shouted about art installations.

Went from having a zero-web presence to appearing in the top 5 of the google search results in under 3 months.