Shopping Centre Crèche

By 3rd June 2016Blog, In-Store
Shopping Centre Crèche

A one-stop drop that will really let shoppers shop

A happy shopper is one who has the freedom to glide between stores at will, taking their time to try things on and discuss new purchases with friends – but how often do we see restless children and concerned dads nagging away because they’re hungry, or because they’re missing the game?

There is a solution – a crèche, or a “man crèche,” if you will. A dedicated space for anti-shoppers to watch the latest game at the Euros or Wimbledon while those more interested in shopping can do just that.

If your shopping centre is wise enough to build such a facility, make sure your customers know about it by offering advanced messaging. It will ensure your mall is equally as popular during match time and also give the real shoppers the time and freedom to do what they do best – spend money!


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