Our Approach.

We took a closer look at Linea Azzurro—who they really are and what makes them stand out (USP’s), defining their brand values. We also looked at their existing customer base, to get a feel for who they’re currently engaging. Following on from this, we scoped out three competitors, researching their strengths and weaknesses, how they position themselves, and what they’re up to on social media and in search results.

Once we had all that info, we created up some profiles for Linea Azzurro’s typical customers and figured out where their products fit in the market. We didn’t stop there, though. We did a deep dive into Linea Azzurro’s online presence, using SEO insights and data from Google Analytics.

Wrapping it all up, we brainstormed their new marketing approach, plans for a website redesign and strategy, including how they’ll tackle social media—both paid and organic—as well as PPC campaigns and Print Ads.