Dogs Die In Hot Cars

By 8th May 2017Campaigns

As the summer months approach, the number of animals who suffer severe fatal cases of dehydration increases greatly as the temperatures inside a car are similar to that of an oven. Therefore, to support National Pet Month, we’ve created the following message should you want to use it.

As we approach the summer months, we would like to remind customers not to leave dogs and other pets parked in hot cars, even with the window down or parked in the shade. The car’s interior temperature can increase rapidly and animals can suffer from heatstroke, which can be fatal. Dogs die in hot cars, so be kind and leave your pets behind. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be part of the team. Search: Team Otis UK! – Safety Message

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Simply reminding your shoppers of the dangers of leaving their pets in hot cars can make a great difference and save a lot of distress, so we encourage you to consider playing this.

To play the message, simply click the button below, enter your login, then click the Dogs Die In Hot Cars button, allowing you to choose the dates and times you’d like the message to play.

If you like what you hear then please take a moment to schedule them in your client area.

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