The many values of a shopping centre message

By 26th August 2016Blog, In-Store

So much goes into running a functional shopping centre that sometimes, it can be easy to overlook the things that lead to a pleasant, vibrant atmosphere.

However, a well-informed shopper is a happy shopper, and because in-mall radio is the one medium guaranteed to reach 100% of shoppers with minimum effort, it can be a wonderful resource. Add the fact that messages can be scheduled to play at certain times of the day makes it a really great way to get a message out there.

But what type of message makes a worthwhile radio message?

The answer is, anything. However, to give you a little inspiration we’ve decided to give you our top 10 ideas for valuable messages.

Top 10 uses of a radio message

1. Support for marketing activity

How many times have you taken the time and effort to create a great, relevant in-mall activity, only to be disheartened by the turnout? That never needs to happen again. Simply make sure you send out a well-timed message in the build-up to the event and your shoppers will be sure to pay a visit. You can even create a series of messages that act as a countdown and help build engagement for a minimal cost – a very smart way to back up the investment made on the activity itself.

2. Increase spend

Approaching a key date such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Don’t let your shoppers forget it! Send them strategic reminders that not only make them aware, but give them inspirations for gifts that you just so happen to have in store. Dynamite marketing.

3. Change trading hours

Whether you’re adjusting hours for the Bank Holiday weekend or preparing for Half Term, let your shoppers know it in advance – and during their visit – allowing them to plan their visits and avoid disappointment.

4. Dictate your shoppers’ pace

Do you want to slow your shoppers down to increase dwell time and spend? Play some nice relaxing music and tell them where the latest offers are. Or maybe you want to ensure you close on time? Play something with energy along with an audio message informing everyone you’re 15, 10 and 5 minutes away from closing to get them heading for the tills and exit doors.

5. Safety first

Customers who feel safe are more relaxed, and will therefore be inclined to stay longer. In the interest of safety, you can encourage people to report suspicious behaviour, remind people to be careful with valuables and also inform shoppers that the car park is monitored, etc, spreading peace of mind and detracting any thieves from trying their luck. Radio messaging can go a long way to keeping your mall a nice place to be.

6. Build an atmosphere

If you plan to embrace a particular theme – be it seasonal, such as Valentine’s Day and Halloween, or event specific, such as your local team winning the FA Cup – you can create a party-like atmosphere with bespoke shopper messaging, or even an especially made music playlist. Just let us know what’s happening and we can discuss a range of ideas.

7. Drive footfall

We have the ability to change the ambience and mood to cater for any demographic, and we can create specific music and messaging that push traffic into your retailers. One of our recent studies shows that radio messaging can increase the footfall of retailers by 19-25%, leading to a 5-15% increase in sales.

8. Be patriotic

Depending on where you’re situated, and also on the demographic of your shoppers, you might want to encourage the art of patriotism as we approach St. George’s Day, St. David’s Day, St. Andrew’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day – or any other day that makes you proud of where you come from. Nothing gets people in the mood to celebrate like music and messaging, and you can send shoppers wherever you want by mentioning which of your retailers are running the best deals that day.

9. Say thank you

Maybe it’s the birthday of a long-serving member of staff, or somebody you value is leaving the centre to go onto pastures new. Don’t let the momentous day pass with a whimper. Instead, be forward in saying thanks and let them know how important their contribution was. Don’t want to make a spectacle? There are subtle ways to do this, too, such as playing songs that hold meaning for the person in question. A lovely personal touch.

10. Advertise drop-off spaces

Have you got a pop-up crèche? There’s no better way to make mums and dads value you than by offering a fun space for their children to hang out in while they concentrate on doing their shopping. If you’ve got the resources to make your shoppers’ trip stress free and memorable, you definitely need to be talking about it.

There’s also another reason why you might prefer us to do your messages as opposed to getting your security team to speak over a public address system, and that’s the sound quality our messages provide. All our messages are read by professional voiceover artists and are recorded in a sound proof booth, using top standard industry equipment.

Remember, you can either choose ready prepared messages from our extensive audio list, or you can request your own messages to ensure every output is in line with your centre’s brand and personality.

If you’re an existing OnBrand customer, visit your Client Area now to schedule your messages. All new customers are welcome to contact us via [email protected], or give us a call on 03333 220 022 to see how we can help your business.

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