Take Some Downtime for a Ted Talk

By 24th November 2020Blog, Digital

It’s a wet November lunchtime. The rain is pouring and you can hear the wind howl around you. It’s time for a break!

Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’re sat in an actual office… If not, you’ve moved away from your makeshift desk to somewhere more comfortable.

Today, instead of scrolling through Facebook or calling the family to check in, why not check out our recommend TED talks to keep you motivated and use the 30 minutes to learn something new?

Ok – so the first one from 2004 is still so relevant. It’s about happiness and spaghetti sauce!

Given it’s almost 20 years old, it’s amazing that it is still totally relatable to today’s marketing challenges and the impact that consumers desires have.

Why don’t you pop your feet up and click here to watch!

Next on the list is from Renny Gleeson, who talks about the broken relationship ( within a customer journey) if you get a 404 page when looking at a website. Truly insightful and reminds us all to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Enjoy this talk here!

Our favourite and the most fascinating is Neuromarketing – the science behind decisions. This reminds of the brilliance of emotional connections and the subconscious decision making.

Click here to enjoy your next TED Talk…

So put your feet up, settle in, and get ready to be inspired and think about you can shake up your marketing!

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