Join up your campaign with shopping centre radio

By 16th November 2016Blog, In-Store
Billy Ocean

Running a campaign or any kind takes a lot of time and energy, and there’s nothing more heart-breaking than a great campaign going unnoticed because nobody knew about it.

So when the Sovereign Centre contacted us asking for ways to shout about their giveaway, where shoppers could win tickets to see Billy Ocean, we gave them a quick fix at a rapid turnaround.


We quickly scripted a radio message that raised awareness of the competition, letting 100% of the shoppers in their mall know they had to visit the centre’s Facebook page to enter. This was followed by one of Billy Ocean’s finest tracks, putting shoppers in the mood to enter.

The real beauty of radio messaging is that once the message is recorded, the centre can schedule it to play as frequently as they want, and at specific times of the day to capture the greatest footfall.

So if you’re planning a campaign, [email protected] or call us on 03333 22 00 22 to find out how we can maximise the impact in your mall.

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