What is a CMS and why do I need it?

By 29th March 2016Blog, Digital
What is CMS and why do I need it?

At the heart of your online presence, whether it be your main website, mobile site or social media platforms is a good content management system. (CMS)

Whether you are a small retailer or a large shopping centre you know how important it is to keep your website updated with latest offers, product launches, news and events to keep your customers informed what is happening in your store or centre.

A good content management system allows you to manage your existing content, but also new website content, creating new pages, links, events set up for your staff and marketing department to use. These could be very small changes, such as changing opening times or adding a local event. Generally you have had to go to the web design company and ask them to make these changes which can be frustrating if you need to make changes often.

What most businesses don’t have the time for is the editing HTML and coding involved with a traditional website, however a good CMS will have simple interface where you can make changes by simply adding your own text and images which is then instantly updated.

CMS Benefits

  • Manage the content of your website, mobile site & social media feeds when it suits you.
  • You no longer have to rely on your web design company to make the changes.
  • No technical skills are required to update content.
  • Publish the same content to all your online platforms instantly.
  • Search engines love updated content : Google & SEO

Increase & grow your content.

You wouldn’t leave an event advert up for months after the event would you? So, why do so many websites leave their site as it is for months without any changes whatsoever? Because you aren’t using a content management system. It’s so easy to make changes to your site when you have the simple resources to do it. This allows your site to become a resource for consumers with new and ever changing content.

The ability to add news stories, upload images, promote events and retailer offers is an ability that shopping centres can’t afford to be without.

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