Crisis Management – Need an extra pair of hands?

By 16th March 2020Blog

We’re aware that the deepening impact of COVID-19 is moving quite quickly, Lots of important messages need to reach your customers, and we’re available to help you in your time of need.

See below some tips and services we can provide you:

1. Crisis PR and comms management

Be safe in the knowledge that there is an extra pair of hands who can write a press statement, customer messaging and help you get the right message to the right people. We anticipate that you may need to advise on cleaning routines, different methods of accessing your business, deliveries impacted and other behavioural patterns that may change, even including partial closure.

2. Social Media – Outbound comms

if the physical world is being limited, there will be increases in the digital world as this touchpoint becomes a more important tool. Facebook page headers, a specific Corona Virus page, and a revised comms strategy will be needed in the short term. With people staying home, driving engagement and brand love is more important than ever – what better way to instantly reach your customers than with well thought out social media content?

3. Social Media – Inbound comms

we expect more and more shoppers will ask questions on social media – they may choose these channels above others. It is important to have prepared comms and be able to tackle increased volume in this area. We can help you with everything from writing or revising your FAQs to setting up automated responses to inbound Facebook Messenger queries.

4. Website

Pages will need updating, you may need a pop-up page on your home page dedicated to the measures you are taking to mitigate risk. Customers will need to know if you are open, when you are open and how to access you (it might even be about the smaller details such as touching payment terminals)

5. Creative

What will your comms look like? Who can purpose a banner, poster, or deliver a fast turnaround? Our team are well resourced any type of comms, and we have a well-established chain of suppliers behind us that might improve your ability to deliver and any procurement related delays.

6. Public address messages & In-store Radio

The lowest cost, easiest method to inform in person visitors to your place of work. Use our platform to schedule and automate your messaging to your shoppers at the right times. We can provide same-day messaging and other fast turnaround services.

7. On the phone

Call volumes will spike in the coming days. We can provide the wording, recordings and messaging to manage the process of repeat calls wanting the same information.

8. Events

Events may still happen, social distancing might be a physical thing, but keeping customers in touch with your brand is important. We expect online competitions and pieces of brand engagement to increase in social and digital platforms – contact us to find out how we can make a point of difference for you.

9. Advertising

We expect to see a spike in online and social media pay per click. Getting your messages to your customers will be vital and one of the ways to do this is to geo-target specific demographics, customers and local shoppers. We can set up, report and manage these campaigns for you. We expect short-term spend to increase in this area, so we can provide the expertise to ensure you get the cut-through you need.

10. Community

Your role in the community is critical – you are a key local stakeholder in your market place and you have contact already with your peers in this arena – take your place as a leading voice – use the circumstances to stand out as a positive voice. OnBrand can help you set up care and community initiatives to reach vulnerable and elderly shoppers. Let your brand values shine in a crisis.

OnBrand are experts in understanding consumer behaviour and the needs of business management. Place your confidence in our ability to act fast, be in touch with public sentiment and how we can help you add value and protect your most vital assets, your customers. Ask us now how we can help.

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