10 signs your website needs attention right NOW

By 30th October 2020Blog, Digital

If ever there was a time to make sure your website is running to the best of its abilities, it’s now.  With the country in and out of lockdown, the success of your business relies on having an online store-front where your customers can easily shop from, or engage with your services, even when they’re unable to get out and about.

So, how is your website working for you right now?  No idea?  No problem.  We’ve put together a list of 10 signs it may be time to think about giving it some love….

1) Your website pages load…ever….so….slowly….

Does your website seem to take longer than others to load?  Did you know that recent research from The Daily Egg  showed that just a 1 second delay in page load times can cause an average of 7% loss in conversions!

2) Updating your site always seems too complicated

Ever wonder how your competitors seem to be making frequent changes to their marketing messages, whereas you feel like you need a triple degree in computer science just to change an image?  Sounds like the back-end of your website is outdated.  Welcome to the 2020s where you can have the back end of your website built in a user friendly way, so that once it’s ready, you don’t need to keep asking (and paying for!) a tech wizard to make your changes…you can do it yourself!

3) Your site doesn’t reflect your brand personality

If you feel like your site is a bit ‘out of the box’ and doesn’t truly reflect who you are as a brand, now’s the time to give it a refresh.  Your homepage is your online ‘store front’ and if it’s not resonating with your audience, you’re likely to lose them.

4) You have a high bounce rate

A high bounce rate (40% or higher) could be a sign that the design of your site needs a little TLC. Confusing navigation, poor image quality or slow page load times are just a few examples of what could be causing you issues.  Our team of expert web developers often run audits for brands and businesses to help uncover any underlying problems that need to be addressed.

5) Your site isn’t optimised for mobile

Think about it. How often do you visit websites on your mobile vs. your desktop?  Over half of the world’s internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.  If your website is stuck in the desktop dark ages, you 100% need to prioritise making sure your customers can navigate your content from their mobile.

6) Your Google ranking is less than impressive

SEO should never be underrated.  If you’re undetectable on google under the main search terms relating to your brand/business, you need to do something about it now. SEO issues are common, but what many don’t realise is that they can be solved fairly easily by someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to content, design and userbility (Enter Stage Right: OnBrand 😉 )

7) Your homepage is a bit…blah..

Your homepage needs to immediately capture the attention of your audience from the moment they arrive on your site.  If it doesn’t, you’re at risk of both your crawl-rate and the number of pages your visitors view significantly reducing.

8) You have poor conversion rates

Does your website provide plenty of conversion opportunities?  Do you have email sign-ups and enticing Call-To-Actions?  If you have a great product or service but your site isn’t driving sales, perhaps it’s time for an audit to work out why people aren’t converting and at which stage they’re exiting.  Once you’re armed with this insight, we can then help you work on the areas that need addressing…KA-CHINNG!!

9) Your site isn’t secure

If your website URL doesn’t start with https:// it means that you’re not following security protocol, and it could be causing serious harm to your SEO.  This is an easy one to fix, but a big deal!

10) You need new functionality

When was your website built?  Do you feel it’s a bit of a dinosaur in comparison to others you interact with?  Web technology has moved on a lot in the last year or so, so it’s important you stay on top of the latest tools to drive your business forward; think, eCommerce checkouts, online booking functionality, and custom web forms….of course, OnBrand can help you sort any of these, and more!

Has this list given you food for thought?  If it’s got your brain whirring in overdrive thinking about all the different things you need to address across your website, panic not.  Our expert team of friendly web developers can help you hatch a plan to get everything optimised for success.  Get in touch for an informal chat: [email protected]

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