As customer contact becomes increasingly mobile, one challenge is to seamlessly
link your telephony to your digital channels.

Move with your customers!

Creates a visual interaction instead of a voice interaction.

A representation of visual IVR

The Best Part?

It works seamlessly with your existing IVR system. There is no costly rip, replace or rewrite. Visual IVR uses your existing IVR scripts, allowing your customers the choice of using a conventional IVR or the new Visual IVR.

Go Mobile, Go Visual!

Link your telephony to mobile with visual IVR

Mobiles Phones

Benefits for companies deploying Visual IVR

  • More callers to your call centre will use self-service
  • Could double the use of self service – means less real agents required
  • Marketing and image boost for a company
  • Boost customer service rating
  • Shorter calls – if callers come through to agents
  • Cheaper to deploy than traditional IVR – pure software
  • Much easier to develop the “IVR” applications
  • Rich visual application possibilities for the future

Benefits for users of Visual IVR

  • Convenient – on the mobile phone
  • Easy to use – no listening or DTMF key in
  • Fast – faster than listening to prompts and keying in responses
  • Faster to get in agent queue – might even be almost instant

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