How we helped give this hairdresser’s customers confidence after Covid.

The Brief.

After the pandemic and the ease of restrictions, customer confidence in public places were at an all-time low. People wanted to be reassured that wherever they were visiting was safe, clean, and most importantly followed Covid rules. It was no easy task for businesses. And Tony from Tielsi Hairdressing was feeling that challenge, needing to increase visitors by ensuring them they were safe.



Front coverage in the NOW magazine

Happy, confident clients

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Brand Strategy

What Happened.

We got together with Tony and his team to discuss the main barriers that they were facing in getting their customers back into the salon and giving them glam new styles. After an in-depth analysis, we came up with a post-Covid strategy that would reassure customers that the salon was Covid safe.

Tony and his team then set about making sure that all the necessary safety measures were in place. From customer screens to an isolation room for the more vulnerable customers, Tony really had thought of everything. However, this wasn’t enough – we needed to make sure that everyone knew about it.

We brought the salon to life with a double page spread advertorial in the September issue of St. Albans NOW magazine, positioning the salon as the ‘Most Covid-Safe Salon in Hertfordshire.’

The article we wrote demonstrated how Tony had gone above and beyond to make Tielsi Hairdressing Covid-Safe, including a mention of how the health and safety measures were even put in place by an expert, senior healthcare professional. Imagery we selected, showing the new-look salon ready to embrace the ‘new normal,’ cemented the tone.


Happy Clients.