Beauty Awards.

So proud to say that we’ve been running this event for our client Communications International Group for 6 years now

Running an award winning event like The Beauty Awards.

The Beauty Awards – 250,000 public votes, 1000+ guests, 200 celebrities, 100+ brands, 30+ awards, and headlines everywhere – now that’s what we call an event. And we’re so proud to say that we’ve been running them for 6 years for our client Communications International Group. A twist in the tale Each and every year has brought its challenges, successes and something different. However, 2019 brought with it some very noticeable changes, right from the word go. After years of the awards being sponsored by OK! Magazine, ASOS stepped in to take the coveted spot. While it was a great, fresh new approach it meant us wiping the slate clean and introducing a whole new branding concept, swapping meetings at OK! Magazine’s offices for trendy new ASOS digs in Camden Town. Not to mention, building brand new relationships. Oh, and let’s not forget to add that we were tasked in making this year’s awards bigger and better and to reflect ASOS’s consumer profile, reach and digital footprint.

What does an award winning event look like!

public votes

What we did!

Event Management
AV Production
Transformation, branding and theming a pop-up venue which wasn’t built till 2 weeks before we were live.
Event Security
Awards stings, walk-up music and creating a party atmosphere
Backstage & performance management
Partnering with and accommodating a drink partner to help them launch their brand
Event Operations
Creating a memorable, digital photo moment for guests using a very clever 3D animated GIF photobooth

Happy Clients.

Running The Beauty Awards.

When you look at the list, it’s enough to bring you out in a cold sweat, but we like to think that we were as cool as a, err, refreshing facemask. That’s because we take the stance of prepare, prepare, prepare. Additionally, we compiled an extensive project management team ensuring we worked closely with the design and visual teams at ASOS to get the branding spot on, as well as ensuring CIG and its stakeholders were all on the same page. And let’s not forget the 4000 emails that flew back and forth between us and all the suppliers. Then it was putting it all into practice… So how did it go? We like to think the pics and video speak for themselves, alongside the glowing testimonials from Tim Langford, Managing Director of Communications International Group