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Marketing a law firm requires a blend of sensitivity, expertise, and strategic communication to reach potential clients effectively

Legal Sector Marketing Insights Revealed.

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Working with Taylor Walton.

Emily Waddell – Marketing & Business Development Manager Taylor Walton

Thanks to all at OnBrand for your recent work. Tina was extremely helpful and delivered exactly what was briefed. Look forward to working with her & the team again in the future.

A company’s culture is hard to gauge before you have had the chance to experience it for yourself, but this sums up Taylor Walton LLP perfectly – great people, amazing work & a culture of progression, drive & excellence.

Thank you so much OnBrand Group & Tina Kelf for capturing everyone so well.

How Does A Customer Find A Law Firm?

They go to Google.

SEO, Google Search Ads and a GMB Listing are core to being found when they’re searching!

They problem search online.

Content and social media marketing helps you connect with these people

They know about or have come across your firm.

Brand awareness and a strategic marketing plan ensures you gain visibility

How Does A Customer Choose A Law Firm?

They check out your social media.

Your social channels are an extension of your website which is in turn an extension of your physical practice so make sure they reflect you well

They read reviews.

Having a robust customer review mechanism is paramount to generating reviews which are of high importance to prospective customers

They look for trust signals.

This is everything from informative articles, guides, tips, employee credentials, testimonials and so on

Services we offer that can help.

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