What does your mall sound like?

By 29th March 2016Blog, In-Store
What does your mall sound like?

Shopping centres and retailers are always looking to provide the right experience for their customers, but the value of creating an audio brand is often overlooked.

Over half of us notice music playing in the shops we visit, but it’s not just a case that the same music can be put on the PA system and left to play just to provide background noise. Research shows that 40% of shoppers will stay longer in a shop if they feel that the music fits the environment and is chosen carefully to enhance the overall brand of a business.

If the right music is picked and researched then it can help engage the shopper and ultimately lead to increased sales, but we need to be sure that the playlists that we play are not making our customers run to the exits.

Of course, the urban trendsetting fashion retailer that is playing club music wouldn’t be suitable background audio for the entire shopping centre so a careful approach has to be taken when portraying the right atmosphere. Choosing the right music isn’t as easy as it first seems as intrusive and annoying music can cause shoppers to head back to the car parks. We all have our own opinions of what music we like but audio branding is now a vital part of the retail landscape. Just as choosing the right colour schemes, signage and visual look, music is also important in providing the right image.

Music Matters

OnBrand Radio have over 10 years of experience and work in over 250 shopping centres and constantly review our playlists. For instance, we change our playlists seasonally and refresh our music to make sure the background audio doesn’t become stale, so If your shoppers leave with bulging shopping bags happily whistling songs then our mission is complete.

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