The value vs cost of audio messages

By 24th November 2016Blog, In-Store, On The Phone
The value vs cost of audio messages

What does a business do when they know they need something, but are finding it very hard to justify the cost? For example, we offer audio messaging to anybody that needs it – whether a shopping centre needs a radio announcement, or a company wished to refresh the automated messages on their telephone system – we can deliver great professional messages to suit their needs.

More often than not, the reason companies acquire a service is because they aren’t specialists in the area themselves. The problem is, all the so-called specialists claim they’re the best and use a bunch of jargon to tell you why, but how can you decide who to outsource your work to when you don’t really know what they’re talking about?

Brexit flashback, anyone?

Politics aside, we understand this plight all too well, and that’s why we don’t try to sell our products by putting other companies down, or by throwing a load of words at you that don’t mean anything. Instead, we focus on the problems you have, the solutions we offer, and the value of having your problem/s solved.

Here are the 5 steps we take to achieve your goals:

1. We listen

We don’t blindly claim to have the answers you need. Instead, we really take time to discover what your issues are in the first place. Only then can we begin to think of the services that can work for you.

2. We assess

When it comes to consumer behaviour or the customer journey, we like to do research to help us understand what works. We marry that information with the challenges you face and find ways of achieving your objectives.

3. We plan

You know what they say about failing to plan, right? Well, our ethos is all about building solid foundations so that our clients see long-term benefits as well as fixes in the short-term.

4. We’re transparent

When we do business, it’s incredibly important that people are clear with us, and so we treat everybody with the same level of respect. Transparency is key in setting out plans, expectations, costs and timelines, and so we’re up-front about everything we say and do.

5. We deliver

Our work history includes some wonderful brands, and not only do we deliver our product, but we always work to exceed expectations. After all, our main aim is to build long standing working relationships, and there’s only one way that can happen – by showing you the value in what we do.

How we add value

Spending money on external services can often be the cause of trepidation, but of course a business can only thrive when wise investments are made, so it’s always a catch-22 situation.

We always start by outlining expectations, because it’s vital our clients know what we’re doing and why. At OnBrand, each of our services either:

  • helps you make more money, or
  • saves you a great deal of time, which can be used to develop your business in other areas

Put simply, any good investment should give you a solid return, so if we could prove we’ve saved you time and money, and we can show you exactly how through our analytical systems, then it can only be viewed as a great investment, right?

That’s the true mark of good value.

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