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Shopping centres are all about the customer and the overall customer visit experience.

There are many ways to reach your customers for your shopping centre, but more importantly you should be reaching them every time that they visit your centre so you can strengthen the relationship you have with your customers. The most effective advertising campaigns for retail shopping centres are made through multimedia channels.

Radio marketing targets specific shoppers on different days of the week which is critical to your success and overall footfall. If you can recognise the different patterns of shopping that occurs with different types of people, then you will soon realise that consumers all like to shop differently and at different times.

Radio is an affordable medium that can reach a mass audience.

Uses of the shopping centre PA/Tannoy system

  • Facilities messages e.g: Healthy & Safety, Fire Alarms, Car Parking, Lost Property
  • Centre Security: CCTV, Unattended Baggage, Lost Children, Beware of Shop-lifting
  • Centre Promotions: Seasonal Announcements, Centre Events & Celebrity Visits
  • Retail Advertisments: Your in-store retailers promotions & offers

Radio Messaging Identified as a Powerful Broadcast Medium

As consumers are increasingly overwhelmed by the barrage of media messages delivered via traditional media, advertisers are searching for ways to more effectively reach and influence their prospective customers. The goals of an Edison Media Research study were to determine what level of recognition, retention, and response shoppers had to targeted advertising via this new delivery channel, and to examine the impact digitally-enhanced, custom programmed music had on the shoppers’ in-mall experience. The study results revealed that mall shoppers are not only aware of messages delivered through Mall Radio Network, but in fact demonstrate a high recall rate of those messages.

“Our research demonstrated that within mall properties, and over a demographically diverse sample, shoppers’ recall rates of ads played over Mall Radio Network were more than 50%, depending on the number of times they visited the mall,” said Joe Lenski, Executive Vice President of Edison Research.” In advertising, repetition and frequency often drives results, but compared to other forms of advertising, specific promotions delivered via Mall Radio Network had a greater recognition rate among consumers.”

Shopping behaviour: Netting Butterfly Shoppers.

“As far as getting shopper attention is concerned, we must consider first of all the psyche behind PA/Tannoy messages. Typically our mentality and thoughts regarding this media turn our attention to football stadiums and public locations like airports, where messages are of significant importance – most consumers’ initial reaction is to tune in, just in case the message is security or evacuation related… therefore your shoppers are already predisposed to listen to those messages and are tuned in, yet the experience itself doesn’t detract them from shopping itself. You don’t have to stop or read a poster or look at a screen, but instead we humans absorb this content as we go along – consider how we can eavesdrop on conversations so readily and tune in to different conversations at our own will…the same applies in the shopping centre, where consumers exact an active listen… ears prick up and focus in on keyword or triggers that we consider suitable or relevant to us (e.g. a “buy one get one free” promotion)…As a media, audio is very powerful. It is all encompassing, reaches everyone in the centre, but doesn’t stop us in our tracks. We know that retailers have enjoyed significant returns on using the audio media to drive consumers into their stores. Butterfly shoppers who haven’t predetermined where they’ll visit are certainly influenced by this type of media”.

Tactics Europe Edition Feature, Issue 111 2007

Done perfectly a shopping centre radio message is a one-to-one conversation with a single target prospect, written and produced so well that the prospect hears the introduction and thinks ‘It’s talking to me’.

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