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By 11th May 2018Blog, In-Store

Shopping centre marketing and management teams never have a dull moment!  Between face to face customer queries, instant social media conversations and regular CRM communications, there are any number of messages being delivered at the same time.

A smart move can be to centralise your channels to ensure a joined up marketing strategy, delivered by either an in-house team or an outsourced marketing agency.

Your shoppers get one consistent message, with all channels being managed to deliver a universal view, and as centre managers, you get to reduce costs, limit time spent briefing multiple parties, and the result should be a marketing strategy that works for you.

you need to ensure your marketing agency are specialists in your industry

At OnBrand we did just that, bringing five companies under one roof to make things simpler for both ourselves and our clients.

However, it should be clear that this isn’t a “one size fits all” type of deal, and that you need to ensure your marketing agency are specialists in your industry, otherwise the content they provide can be wide of the mark as far as your customers are concerned.

At OnBrand we ensure we maintain regular local contact with both shoppers and centre managers.  We even like to be in touch with store managers, too.  Why? Because by having local boots on the ground, we see opportunities that create local news and messaging that matter to local people.

Customer knowledge is key when it comes to engaging with your shoppers and retailers. Knowing how your customers experience your centre helps us meet the needs of both locally-owned independent stores, as well as multi-national names, generally running offers through their head offices.

ask us to do the heavy lifting for you, and you’ll soon reap the rewards

If you personally find it a challenge to get around, talk, or engage with your retailers, it can sometimes work better to have a third party doing it on your behalf. A new face isn’t going to be saddled with the gripes of tenants in the same way, and the focus can be on positive opportunities, such as retailer participation with marketing, sourcing prizes for competitions, and quantifying ways to drive real tangible results back into your stores.

And that’s where OnBrand can make a real difference: ask us to do the heavy lifting for you, and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

We’ll manage your offers, make sense of the data you collect, and join up marketing across all of your channels, connecting shoppers and retailers and giving new life to your mall. Contact us today and [email protected]

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