Music to fit your brand identity

By 29th March 2016Blog, In-Store
Music to fit your brand identity

Music played in-store and in other public place, businesses have become more than just simple background music. Just as interior design and decor is part of an in-store experience, music has become just as important as a marketing tool for business owners.

But why do we need music & why does it affect us?

A recent survey found that people rank music as more difficult to live without than sports, movies and newspapers. People have a huge relationship with music because wherever we turn we are offered music & pop culture. It has the same effect on our lives as much as TV and is only dwarfed by our demands in our busy lives by usage of the mobile phone and the internet!

61% of people consider music to be important or very important and that figure rises to 74% when 16-24 year olds were asked how important music was in their life.

Music is a tool that can connect to consumers.

An international study showed that businesses that played music that fitted their brand identity were 96% more likely to be remembered by those that had no music at all.

Further more 4 out of 10 people would stay longer in a public place business if they appreciated the music, 21% would recommend to others and 14% would buy more. In other words, music is very important to businesses!

The right music.

Music played in a business affects consumers opinion of that brand. However it’s not as important as you think that the music corresponds to consumers personal taste or that the music is well recognized. First & foremost is that the music has to have the right volume. Basically, the wrong music played too loudly makes consumers leave.

But what about silence? 32-41% of respondents said they would react negatively to silence. More precisely, the absence of music in a shopping mall or business!


Music is perhaps the most important element for businesses in targeting the younger generation and constitutes an important piece of the experience it offers to consumers. It is crucial that the music has the right volume and matches the profile of the shopping centre or brand. It is also not enough to just play current music or chart hits.

The music needs to fit the centre where it is played!

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