Make music a retail experience

By 29th March 2016Blog, In-Store
Make music a retail experience

Various studies have shown that a clear way to people’s emotions, hearts, minds and wallets is through their ears.

Audio branding and sound adds something memorable through melody & emotion, so silence isn’t an option. As your business has an identity it is essential that you use all the tools available to get your message across to the consumer. Audio and sound has an effect that shapes your customers perception of your business.

Retail environments and public spaces have been using music for many many years to influence customer experience and judgement. These places have found that music is a very powerful medium when it comes to bringing people together and forming a relationship with a brand or place, so for instance a fashion retailer can convey an atmosphere where the customer has a pleasant and calm experience.

However it is important that you do your research and pay attention to the kind of customer base that you are looking to attract. For instance, If you are a traditional business looking to attract the older and possibly retired customer then there is no point playing a soundtrack that would suit a young and hip fashion retailer. For this reason it is especially important that you know your demographic that you will be targeting otherwise you may actually be driving away customers and doing more harm than good in providing a background soundtrack to your business.

Music is perhaps the most important element for businesses and constitutes an important piece of the experience it offers to consumers.

For good audio branding, the music needs to fit the environment where it is played!

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