5 tips for brand survival this Christmas

By 17th November 2016Blog, In-Store, On The Phone
5 tips for brand survival this Christmas

As wonderful a time as Christmas can be, the increased interest from shoppers and callers does have the potential to negatively impact upon a brand’s reputation.

To make sure you’re not one of them, ask yourself these 5 questions for festive survival – whether your business is done in a mall or over the phone:

1. Have I got into the Christmas spirit?

Let your website reflect your shoppers’ excitement with seasonal banners and updated festive logos to portray the feel good factor inside of yourself. Are there great offers available to customers? Put on a festive show to let the whole world know!

2. Have I got the atmosphere right?

Music is an incredibly subjective art form, but Christmas is one of the very few times where a plethora of songs are universally loved by all. Therefore, make sure to treat your customers to songs that will make them excited – on the phone and in store.

3. Have I updated my trading hours?

If your operational hours are due to change over the holidays, it’s vital for you to make the details readily available. A short PA announcement or IVR message embedded into your telephony can do just the trick.

4. Am I promoting special events as well as I can?

It’s always such a shame when a well-planned event is poorly attended, but with audio messages raising awareness to 100% of shoppers in the mall, why not create messages for the build-up to key events? Likewise with your telephony – if you’re running a competition, or doing something special for Christmas, use on-hold times to let your callers know.

5. Have I planned for contingencies?

Do you historically need to close near Christmas due to bad weather conditions? You can use this knowledge to your advantage by recording an automated message telling your customers just that. Then, should the worst should happen again, you’ll be fully prepared for it.

Get to the point where you can answer yes to all the above, then you’re sure to have a very merry Christmas indeed.

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