Mother’s Day Campaign.

We’ve created some beautiful messaging options, allowing you to customise the mood of your centre this Mother’s Day!

Have a listen to our new messages below:

Option #1.

“Make sure you mark Sunday the 10th of March in your calendar for Mum! Explore a plethora of your beloved brands and designer labels right here in the centre – we’re confident you’ll discover the ideal Mother’s Day gift.

Option #2.

“This upcoming Sunday celebrates Mother’s Day, so seize the opportunity to find your mum the perfect present right here in the centre today. With an extensive array of stores, convenient trading hours, and abundant choices, we’re dedicated to simplifying your Mother’s Day gift shopping experience.“

Option #3.

“Excited for Mother’s Day this year? You can find fantastic gift ideas tailored to every taste and budget here in the Centre. So, while you shop with us today, remember to keep Mum in mind!“

Option #4.

“Give your Mum the treat she deserves this Mother’s Day. Our centre is brimming with wonderful gift ideas and cards guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. Remember, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday the 10th of March – don’t let it slip your mind!“

Option #5.

“Today is Mother’s Day, a time to acknowledge and celebrate each and every mother figure in our lives. May your day be filled with joy and appreciation as we recognize the significant role mothers play in our lives… Happy Mother’s Day!“

We also have the perfect playlist to encourage those customers to spoil their mum’s!

If you like what you hear then please take a moment to schedule them in your client area.

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