At OnBrand, we have a golden rule: your customers’ experience starts from the
moment they pick up the phone, not when they reach the first agent.
By which time they can be so frustrated and upset that
winning them back over might be impossible.

Allow customers to identify with your brand throughout their journey

As a rule, companies are made or broken over the quality of their customer service.

Keep a caller on the phone too long, they’ll become angry. Fail to listen – or leave them unsatisfied with your actions – they’ll seek somebody who makes them feel valued. Master how to make your customers feel valued on the phone, though, or help ensure any complaints are easily resolved, and you’ll enjoy the warmth of their loyalty time after time again.

Your Tone of Voice is hugely relevant here because your brand needs to be just as relatable whilst queuing on the phone as it is on any page of your website.

Improving Your Customers’ Experience

Should the voice in your automated messages be male or female? How many decisions must the customer listen to? Can the dialogue be snappier to avoid being monotonous? Do their need to be so many options in the first place? Does an internal flaw lead callers to agents that can’t help them, wasting the resources of your company and frustrating your customers in the process.

Our pre-agent Tone of Voice allows a fresh view on your existing process. We use our experience to suggest changes that your callers will appreciate, ensuring their journey is as clear, concise and productive as possible.

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