If you’re interested in expanding your brand with commercial radio ads,
we’re able to do your scripting, music profiling and voice recording
all under one roof

How does it work?

Radio Ads meeting


to discuss the needs of your campaign, timelines and voiceover talent.

Live recording icon


where our dedicated team will work with your chosen voiceover artist to achieve the results you’re after.

editing and delivery


where we’ll put all the finishing touches to your recording, before presenting the master files in the format you require it.

We provide you

scripts icon


Creation of the message your brand is trying to tell

technology icon


Top level equipment to capture your ads

sound icon


Voices and music to bring the concepts to life

Key features

• Experienced sound engineers

• In house creatives who specialise in scripting for radio

• Database of voiceover artists, should you need help sourcing your reader

• Music profiling, licensing and integration, where needed

• All creative departments under one roof

• Radio placement service available

Radio Ads key features

Case Study

After creating numerous messages for Butlins’ telephony system, we became aware of key campaigns and events coming up in their marketing calendar. Being that we already script for them, and provide the brand’s voiceover artist, we created and presented a “mixed production” message (voice, sound and/or music) to give an example of how easily we can produce radio ads for our clients.

Needless to say, Butlins loved it, and we’re happy to provide commercial radio recordings for any of our clients moving forward.

“OnBrand always produce great work that falls right in line with the Butlins brand, and they do it at speed. It’s great to know I can also use them for advice, and they’ve added value to many of our creative meetings.”

Charlotte Arnell, Commincations Manager , Butlins


We’re not sure we want to do radio
That’s no problem. We’re only here to help, so if radio isn’t an area you wish to pursue with your brand, you certainly won’t have any pressure from us. If it’s on your mind for the future though, we’d love to talk to you in more detail.

We don’t have the budget for radio placement
Even if you aren’t able to create an all-out campaign, it might still be worth creating a “mixed production message,” meaning an audio message including music and/or sound effects. This tend to have a greater impact and can be used on your social media channels, or as a seasonal “on hold” message to brighten up your telephony.

We do radio, but already outsource the work
It might be worth holding a discussion with you so you can compare the difference in cost. Even if we only handle one element of your ads, such as the scripting or recording, we could still be a more cost-effective solution than a third party agency.

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