No matter whether you’re a single venue or a multi-national chain, we build your music profile by understanding your brand values and relaying that to create the retail environment you want for your target customers.

How does it work?

Schedule Music Playlists


the businesses objectives of your music

Scheduling Playlists


our extensive musical skill and resources

Retail Playlists


a bespoke playlist for your retail environment

Key features

• Improve staff motivation and productivity

• Increase dwell time and spend

• Influence behaviour at point of purchase

• Raise shopper morale

• Enhance and control atmosphere

• Cater to the dynamic of your footfally

• Increase chance of repeat business

• Create more memorable seasons and events

• Overcome the monotony of unresponsive CD’s

• Schedule your music precisely how you want it

Scheduled Music Playlists - key features

Bring the best music to your customer’s ears.

With access to tens of thousands of tracks, our experienced music consultants balance the mix of artists, styles, genres, eras and tempos to complement your trading style perfectly, so whether you’re looking for slow, easy-listening music in the morning or fast tempo music in the afternoon, we’ll hit the right note for you.


OnBrand - Schedule Music Playlists

“Since OnBrand created our personalised music strategy, the ambience in The Village is precisely on-brand, benefiting staff and shoppers alike and enhancing the shopping experience.”

Mark Poole, Retail Relations Manager, The Village, Westfield London

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