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We create memorable, newsworthy events for our clients. Working closely to briefs, thinking outside the box and adhering to budgets, our events always receive positive reviews, drive brand awareness and meet client objectives.

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Red Carpet Worthy

Who doesn’t love an awards ceremony? Not only are they great for recognising incredible talent, but also a positive way to promote your brand and help it grow organically through social media. We’ll work closely with you to plan a creative event you and your guests will love. And we really roll out the red carpet with attention to detail.  Whether it’s branding to suit your venue or extras such as party bags and VIP rooms, which will have your guests shouting about on social for weeks after.

The Latest Arrivals

A new store opening is a big deal. Not only when it comes to getting people through the doors, but also for building up the community spirit. We like to think we make a big deal out of the newbies, planning great events to showcase the latest arrival. Whether it’s planning a day around it with fun, family events, or getting that ribbon cut, there will always be a buzz. And we don’t forget the bloggers who really build on the community awareness and social strategy.

Little Surprises: Big Impacts

Special moments deserve special attention. And that’s why we always try to surprise and delight. Whether it’s a Christmas Grinch to excite the kids, stilt walkers to make a stand or presents on roller skates, we think out of the box. Add to that session singers to feel the love on Valentine’s or events such as Chinese New Year, and we like to think our creativity is music to everyone’s ears

A Shout Out To Shopper Events

We could shout about calendar events everyday of the week, which is a great thing as it means there’s lots of ideas when making these come to life. We love to make a big deal about key times, from making Christmas memorable with family entertainment snow globes and music to bringing the community together to mark Armistice Day or Mother’s and Father’s Day. Our contacts also mean we can increase footfall by bringing in local talent and community partners such as dance shows, or putting on a fashion or football event to create a buzz.

Clear Reporting

While we love putting on a great creative event, the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. That’s why, when it’s all over we’ll provide you with evaluation around the event to show that all-important ROI. This includes social media reporting to show the long term impact of event likes and engagement, website traffic and content generation – and of course how it has helped build your brand within the local press and community.

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