Helping HR gurus make headway with their business proposition

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Helping HR gurus make headway with their business proposition

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Practical Change Partners

Practical Change Partners have been involved in delivering people and culture solutions for over 20 years. They help clients to join the dots on their people change plans, thinking creatively about how to make things work well in the culture and context in which they’ll sit.

The Challenge

Owners Jo and Claire had been finding it a struggle to articulate their business proposition and needed some insight and advice on how to propel their business to the next level.


E-Commerce Website Design

E-Commerce Website Build

Social Media Strategy

Paid Social Media

What We Did

We needed to help Claire and Jo get their comms right, so that businesses could easily understand their offering and feel assured that they’d be working with two highly experienced HR professionals.

We set about by positioning Claire and Jo as the ‘glue’ to help fix the gaps in the HR Director’s day to day delivery. Next, we established that the overall reason for businesses to invest in the services of Practical Change Partners; it became clear that this was, ultimately, to achieve accelerated business success.

We created 6 digestible core product areas to explain each separate HR discipline that Practical Change Partners could help with, so that businesses could easily identify which area of their specialism was most likely to help them.

Finally, we redefined their proposition from a general sounding ‘HR & Change Solutions’ to a more end-goal focused ‘Joining the dots on your HR strategy.

Once the positioning was agreed, we updated their website from a simple 1 page brochure style structure to bespoke pages and site navigation that promoted their 6 core product areas, with an improved customer journey for prospects to understand what they could deliver, past success stories and high profile customer testimonials to reinforce their expertise and delivery.

We also updated plug-ins, created SEO improvements, and developed more detailed editorial copy to improve organic page ranking, as well as engaging content.

Client quote


Practical Change Partners

“We are a relatively new business, and one of our challenges was how to get clear on our brand proposition so we could explain our products to potential clients. On Brand helped us explain our offer and develop our brand, collateral and contact strategy. What has worked really well is their ability to chunk the work into straightforward and logical steps while challenging us to take brave steps forward. Together we have tackled website content, LinkedIn following and direct marketing in ways that work for us from a time, cost and confidence perspective.

I would highly recommend them to any business looking for a fresh, innovative way of creating the right brand messaging. Experts in their field, they are challenging, positive and encouraging and we have been really happy with the progress we’ve made.”

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