Swapping red faces for red noses with Comic Relief

By 19th May 2017Call Centres, Case Study
Shortening waiting times at call centres

The challenge: Could we help shorten waiting times – and therefore increase donations – for a great cause?

Due to nurturing and maintaining close working relationships with our clients, we’ve become fully aware of how challenging it can be for call centres to cope with demand – particularly during special events.

Being that we’re a company with a big heart, we knew the inevitable spike in calls would stretch the resources of any call centre supporting Comic Relief, so we offered to record messages that would assist them.

Through a series of professional voice messages we were able to effectively communicate to customers that the businesses were supporting Comic Relief, making it clear there would be issues such as early closing times and longer waiting times.

Our involvement contributed to a smoother and happier IVR process, enhancing the customer experience for countless callers during an important event. What’s more, it allowed more calls to be taken for Comic Relief, increasing the amount of money raised – and that was great to be a part of.

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