Making sweet music with the Ashford Designer Outlet Centre

By 18th March 2019Case Study, Events

We’re big fans of helping our clients make a big deal out of key events – it’s a part of the job we love. So when The Ashford Designer Outlet wanted to show their appreciation for their customers and bring in a romantic vibe, we couldn’t wait to help out.

The challenge: Ashford wanted to make a big deal of Valentine’s Day and play on the heart strings of both couples and pals. Galentine’s anyone? However, they wanted something that was a bit different and that would be memorable.

Striking the right chord 

We put our heads together and came up with a range of options and acts that we thought would hit the right note. Of course, part of the challenge was finding someone who was free on Valentine’s Day and made the impact that the centre wanted.

After reviewing a few of our options, Ashford decided acoustic guitarist, Luca Faraone, would be their match made in heaven (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

They loved that the musician had worked as a session player for names including Craig David, Rita Ora, Camila Cabello, Tom Jones, Blue and Omar to name a few. The fact that he was very active in the contemporary jazz and soul circuit was also something they felt would be enjoyed by their customers.

The plan was to get him all set up in three different restaurants to ensure that everyone enjoyed the performances. We suggested starting the night off in cafes to attract people who had to be home, then moving into Pizza Express later in the evening to serenade diners. We also proposed using the speaker system to make Luca’s performance make an impact and stand out from all the chatting.

The crescendo

The night proved to be a huge success. And (get ready for the boasting), Ashford sung our praises…

‘Luca’s performances were excellent throughout the evening and enjoyed by our customers. During the performance at Pizza Express, as the restaurant was busy, it was a great idea to use the speaker, to combat the background noise – great idea moving forward for all sets. 

We will be sure to reach out to OnBrand in the future for any activity.’ – Georgina Walker, Marketing Exec at McArthurGlen.

Sounds good to us. If you’re looking for original ideas. Get in touch, we’re sure we’ll always be singing from the same song book…

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