Making Mother’s Day memories at Baytree

Mother's Day Event

The Challenge

To help celebrate the mothers of Brentwood, Baytree Shopping Centre wanted to organise a Mother’s Day event that would get people excited and ready for Mother’s Day and help them show all the Mums in their community how much they are appreciated.

Enter OnBrand

The event aimed at encouraging people to come to the centre and participate in the day’s activities and had the added benefit of drawing in passing foot traffic. To help encourage interaction and anticipation of the event and Mother’s Day there was also a Mother’s Day competition sponsored by two Baytree Shopping Centre retailers.

Our plan to ensure success:

  • A multi-channel marketing plan was implemented
  • Visual and radio advertising were utilised
  • Social media marketing through Facebook and Twitter
  • Carefully targeted boosted Facebook posts
  • Free and fun Mother’s Day related crafts to drive families into the centre
  • Amazing free entertainment from local community partners
  • Free daffodils for all the mothers in the centre

OnBrand was on hand throughout the day’s activities to ensure the event went smoothly, and guaranteeing that a fun time was had by all.

Key Wins

  • Record breaking footfall numbers with more than 12,500 visitors on the day
  • Retailer involvement with the Mother’s Day competition
  • Community engagement and partnership
  • Multi-channel advertising resulted in increased anticipation of the event
  • Family involvement in the event

What They Say

“Another first event for Baytree, the centre received clear and easy to follow proposal that was tailored to the event budget. The event sent our social media channels into a frenzy with a number of positive reviews, compliments, and proud parents sharing their children’s happy day ”

Dan Foley – Manager of Baytree Shopping Centre

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