By 19th May 2017Call Centres, Case Study
Hacking crisis requires a good customer message

The Challenge

In November 2016, Tesco Bank announced the news that an incredible £2.5 million had been stolen from its accounts by a group of cyber-thieves. With 9,000 bank accounts hacked and widespread panic set to filter through the brand’s customers, they were under pressure to minimise the damage to their reputation.

Enter OnBrand

Tesco is a brand we rate highly and we wanted to help them navigate their way through the crisis. With an inevitable wave of concerned and angry callers set to contact Tesco Bank, we pro-actively approached the company and asked if they’d like us to record a number of key messages that would help them cope with demand.

Key Wins

We helped Tesco:

  • Communicate calmly
  • Assure affected customers that refunds would be issued
  • Lay out clear directions so callers could self-serve
  • Reaffirm that customers remained Tesco’s priority
  • Achieve a big impact with a quick turnaround

What They Say

“When our name hit the headlines, we needed to act fast. OnBrand contacted us as soon as the story broke and offered a much needed solution. They were ready, willing and able to help, and their key communication messages helped reduce caller frustration greatly within just a few hours.”
Pauline Wilson, Telephony Manager – Tesco Bank

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