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By 14th April 2021Branding, Case Study, Digital
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Business challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted plans and changed priorities, and at the same time has seen true entrepreneurial spirit; meaning a series of new business ventures have popped up and are growing successfully.

One such start-up is Scanafy – who are bringing temperature reading technology to venues, sports stadia and the hospitality industry post-COVID lockdown.

Working with a start-up is something that we at OnBrand relish. It’s the chance to fundamentally shape a marketing strategy, with customer insight at the heart to solve a business problem.

Scanafy needed to be market-ready and most importantly, wanted to ensure their brand reflected the nature of their product and have a credible, confident approach.


Launching a start-up is an exciting process, but making it look and feel right comes from planning and taking the time to really understand the product, its audience and how it should be perceived by others.

To help new business owners on this journey we have developed a methodology and brand discovery workshop that channels passions and ambitions into strong credentials, values, a mission statement and a marketing purpose.

We worked with Scanafy to evolve the brand and language they had already developed including:-

  • Reviewed existing logo, colour palette and all brand tools
  • Developed  their mission, values and purposes, so there was a clear written articulation of this
  • Looked at the language and semiotics of the brand

Solution and outputs

Following the brand workshop, we then developed a marketing strategy with staged launch recommendations including a new website, a pdf sales information leaflet and additional branded, printed collateral to get their business market-ready.

Richard Costa, from Scanafy told us:

“Daniel and his team were proactive, and moved very fast to ensure we had the tools we needed to grow our business, and we’re delighted with the results of their work. We are in continued discussions with them about social media, and paid ad campaigns for lead generation”

scanafy branding examples

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