How’d you like them apples? How we helped The Baytree Shopping Centre win a Green Apple Award

By 30th September 2019Case Study, PR, Shopping Centres

We love writing. Social posts, style articles, quirky bits of copy and awards entries. Especially when they win! And that’s exactly what happened when it came to The Baytree Shopping Centre’s Green Apple Awards entry. Here’s how the story goes.

Getting to the core of it

We knew The Baytree Shopping Centre Manager, Dan Foley, wanted to enter these awards. However, we were up against tight deadlines and challenged with a lack of information to support the entry.  And when we did get all the bits and pieces through, we really had to pull in all resources to ensure that we could get these awards written right at the last minute…

Slicing up the key points

Lots of info is so much better than nothing, but when you’ve got to cut it down, well…our challenge was to pick out the key points of what was really needed. We closely reviewed the criteria of the awards and spent a while matching it up to the information we were provided with. So far so good. However, then came the sticking point…there was evidence missing. We knew the deadline was the next day, but we couldn’t risk submitting an entry lacking in substance (we’re thorough like that you see…) so, we spoke to Dan and advised against submitting an award lacking in substantial evidence. He agreed that an extension for a late submission would work better.

Baking and waiting

After a rewrite and approval from The Baytree Shopping Centre, we inputted the golden entry. Held our breath and pressed enter. And then we waited. And waited and… the news came in a couple of weeks ago that our awesome client had only gone and won! Celebrations and social media announcements all round…

An additional slice of success

And just when we thought it couldn’t get better, our social media had attracted the attention of a local journalist who couldn’t wait to get a press release. Cue, more fast writing and a great result. We made the local online paper (upload the coverage)! How’d you like them apples 😊

Got an award entry that needs writing, or press release? Get in touch and see how we can help grow your marketing. Pip, pip…

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