Getting to the point with Legal & General

By 19th May 2017Call Centres, Case Study
Getting to the point with legal & general

The challenge: Could we decrease the number of abandoned callers, helping increase L&G’s profit margins and improve customer relations?

Legal & General receive thousands of calls every day about a multitude of different issues. Because of the customers’ varied needs, the telephone journey can be quite complicated, and as emotions can be running high, the company were acutely aware that they were losing custom due to high levels of caller abandonment.

We used a little fairy dust along with our unique IVR design methodology to remedy the problem.

By working with the client, we were able to map out each part of the telephone journey, taking into account projected call times along with how the customer would be feeling. We used our experience to suggest new messages, managing to exclude any unnecessary information, and then applied our technology to L&G’s system.

The customer experience was dramatically improved and on one sales line alone, caller abandonment lowered from 45% to just 5% – increasing revenue by £25,000 per month.

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