Change the bleedin’ record

Change the bleeding record

The Challenge

The National Blood and Transplant is an independent arm of the NHS, and being that business relies so heavily on goodwill, they’re always seeking ways to improve their levels of service. Despite winning numerous customer service awards, they’re simply can’t answer all of their calls within the 3 rings that they aim for, and many callers need to be placed on hold while their agents deal with multiple queries.

Enter OnBrand

We immediately highlighted the repetitive loops of messaging that on-hold callers were forced to sit through and used our expert knowledge to create scripts that were relevant to the purpose of call, linking messages to other campaigns that ran within the business. Our aim was to bring the customer experience in line with the same high standards as National Blood’s other communication channels, as this consistency makes a huge difference to brand reputation.

Key Wins

    • Created a clear brand audio strategy
    • Decreased caller abandonment
    • Improved customer satisfaction
    • Reacted quickly to changes and emergencies

What They Say

“The work OnBrand did is outstanding and has been very well received across the service. Flexibility, commitment and pro-activity are qualities that I value highly, and they provided just that. It’s great that we can now accurately bring our telephone messaging in line with our latest communications and marketing efforts, and in a very engaging way, thanks to OnBrand.”
Ian Hamerton, NCC Manager – National Blood Service

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