Bing-bonging with Virgin Trains

Bing bonging with Virgin Trains

The challenge: Could we improve the on-board sound of Virgin Trains?

Having already worked with Virgin Trains – reducing call volumes at their customer relations contact centre – we knew that repetitive announcements were preventing customers from listening to them, meaning they weren’t being engaged with. As a result, we were asked to research the voices used on-board, along with the all-important ‘bing-bongs’ that preceded each message.

We gathered feedback from both customers and train managers, who heard the messages on a daily basis, and devised a cunning plan. You see, we know a lot about how audio makes customers feel, so with some creative magic, a refreshed tone of voice and several ‘bing-bong’ auditions, we struck gold.

Our new strategy involved the use of contrasting male and female voices, depending on the type of message Virgin Trains was aiming to deliver. The next stop was to hold a feedback session and to test the new messages on a real train at the Virgin Training Centre. Once this was done, we rolled out an all-encompassing plan to suit the client.

So the next time you’re travelling, be sure to listen out for the ‘bing-bongs’ and remember how much love, craft and wisdom went into each message.

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