A smoother, more cost effective journey with visual IVR

By 19th May 2017Call Centres, Case Study
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The challenge: To create a smoother, more cost efficient process in dealing with repairs for a housing association in North West England.

After initial discussions with our client, we highlighted two main objectives:

1. To make it easier for customers to book repairs and to receive reminders
2. Make the repairs process cheaper and more efficient for the organisation

We started by analysing their existing telephone and web-based booking processes and realised there was a gap between the information gathered in the booking process and the information needed to conduct a single-visit repair.

Using our intuitive Visual IVR, customers are now able to book repairs through the service, with their request presenting itself on both the client’s website and also within a telephone call. It means customers can now book repairs within just three clicks after identifying themselves, and a reminder cycle is automatically implemented so they can upload photo’s of the repair or damage that needs fixing.

Within 3 months of implementing VIVR, our client experienced the following benefits:

1. Customer feedback indicates a much quicker, easier process, with the reminders keeping
tenants well informed of the time and date of their appointment. They also enjoyed the
convenience of being able to do it on any mobile device, wherever they happen to be.

2. Higher fix ratio on first-time visits, as well as a big reduction on missed appointments. Engineers
like the photo upload because it ensures they can take the right tools and estimate the time
needed for each job more effectively.

Overall using VIVR has reduced the cost of our client’s repairs process by 17% in just 3-months, with the savings set to continue.
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