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The Challenge

In early April 2020, we helped many business owners develop a new online presence, to respond quickly the pandemic. The digital marketing team successfully delivered brand new websites, social media plans, engaging content and paid advertising activity that hit the right note to encourage online shopping while staying safe in the community.

One example is Adam Nathan Catering (https://adamnathancatering.com/), originally an event catering business based in Radlett, Hertfordshire, looking forward to a busy year, when suddenly they saw the hospitality industry immediately closed down.

Luckily Adam Nathan’s last event was for our OnBrand MD, Daniel Graham, and after a coffee and brainstorm, Adam realised he had to promptly reinvent his business.

Adam turned his attention back to the kitchen and took the delicious food he cooked for event guests into a high quality, cost effective home delivery service to his already loyal catering client base.

The Opportunity

Within two or three months, Adam’s business had started to gain traction and Adam recognised the process of handling orders on WhatsApp, payment and delivery needed to change.

At this point, he came to OnBrand and tasked us to create an e-commerce and online ordering platform.

This opened up operational efficiency and allowed Adam to turn the weekly fresh food menu into frozen food choices as well.

The Strategic Insight

Within weeks, Adam could see the benefits of the website that we had built, which had paved the way for continued growth, so we connected again and work with him to develop a clear social value proposition:

“Whatever you love to eat the most, we’re here to deliver, to both your doorstep AND your taste buds. Delicious ‘ready to heat’ meals, brought to you locally, at the click of a button”

We also helped to identify his next business goal:

To increase online home delivery orders and establish Adam Nathan as the no.1 ‘ready to heat,’ ‘multi-cuisine’ meal delivery service for restaurant quality food, in the local area.

Marketing Approach

In order to deliver his new proposition, Adam needed OnBrand’s expertise again, this time with an internal audit of all local competitors; spending time looking at what the likes of Cook and HIIT Kitchen were doing.

We reviewed Adam’s social media accounts to review which posts seemed to be working well.

We looked at consumer sentiment & thought about how Adam Nathan could authentically tap into it over the Christmas period and create ownable content that would disrupt the newsfeed to drive engagement and reach. 

Social Media Approach

We then created a social media strategy to grow the customer base beyond existing customers and launched a paid advertising campaign in time for the most unusual Christmas 2020 ‘stay at home’ season.

Good creative, a social strategy in place, and a stream of planned and targeted content, coupled with the specialist skills of paid social media and its’ necessary data and analysis, we felt certain that the results would follow.


The results already speak for themselves: We produced a return on advertising investment of £15 revenue for every £1 spent, with new orders, new customers, increased turnover and a massive increased reach and audience, we unlocked a formula for Adam that we are sure will help Adam Nathan At Home going from strength to strength.

Adam explains:

“OnBrand made the whole challenge easy, comprehensive and very slick. Websites and technology aren’t my forté, so it was credit to Daniel and his team that they grasped really well the business model, what we were trying to achieve and we’re able to go away and deliver a great end product” 

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