Father’s Day Audio Messages

By 1st June 2017Campaigns
Have a quick listen of our four great messages, prepared just for you – in both male and female voices!

Option #1 
We’re counting down to Father’s Day on Sunday 18th of June and we’re bursting with fantastic ideas for gifts to suit every taste and budget, so don’t forget dad whilst shopping with us today.

Option #2
Why not spoil your dad this Father’s Day and treat him to something really special to show him how much you care? Father’s Day is on Sunday 18th of June. Don’t forget!

Option #3
Don’t forget dad! Father’s day is on the 18th of June, so now’s the chance to pick the perfect present for your old man, and win some brownie points too!

Option #4
Treat your dad to something special this Father’s Day. Our mall is packed full of great gift ideas & cards, which are sure to put a smile on his face. Don’t forget Father’s Day, Sunday 18th of June.

If you like what you hear then please take a moment to schedule them in your client area.

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