The Psychology of Lockdown: Where’s your business at?

We thought we’d share a little something we were discussing in our team meeting this morning…


As a team, we’re always making sure we stay on top of industry news and often share things we’ve seen online and in the world around us.  Today, one of the team shared this really interesting little diagram from Robert Stead at the Marketing Centre.

What particularly got us talking was the fact that this very diagram truly encapsulates what we as an agency have already been experiencing.  We’ve been helping clients get through the ‘fear zone’ and have been on the case helping them to adapt their comms strategies to not only set the right tone, but to make sure they’re reaching out to their customers in an authentic way, across the right channels.  The result?  Well, we’ve noticed a real shift with our clients moving across into the ‘learning’ and ‘growth’ zones over the past couple of weeks.  The shift means that we’re now pulling together new packages to help businesses thrive in whatever the ‘new normal’ might be when Boris makes his next announcement.

The big question is – in which ‘zone’ does your business currently sit?

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Need help getting in the (growth!) zone? Feeling apprehensive about what any ease of lockdown might mean for your business?  Get in touch – we’re here to help!

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