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By 29th March 2016Blog, Digital, In-Store, On The Phone

Brand Audio rebrands as OnBrand Group Ltd

Brand Audio have today announced that they are to rebrand as OnBrand Group. The rebrand marks five years since the successful restructuring of the Brand Audio business. The rebrand will bring together five specialist business units, which have already received acclaim in their own respective fields, under the OnBrand Group name:

1 OnBrand Audio
Brand Audio will rebrand as OnBrand Audio, and will focus on customer experience design in telephony for brands and contact centres, visual IVR and telephone IVR voice message services, and a partner programme for telecom distributors and resellers.

2 OnBrand Radio
Centre Radio, the UK’s leading Shopping Centre Radio service, will rebrand as OnBrand Radio, focusing on in-store radio and messaging business.

3 OnBrand Music
Its retail counterpart Captive Music will continue as OnBrand Music, providing background music in retail, hospitality and leisure sectors.

4 OnBrand Digital
OnBrand Digital will absorb Centre Buzz services of content creation, aggregation and syndication of online content for retail and shopping, and continue to offer bespoke web and mobile development.

5 OnBrand Marketing
Activities conducted as Talkabout Group will fall into OnBrand Marketing, which provides outsourced marketing support, content management, promotions sourcing and event production and management.

“The rebrand marks the scaling up of our business and the ability for our customers to identify with other opportunities within the group.” said Daniel Graham, Managing Director, OnBrand Group. “This transition marks five years of vertical growth and prepares the business for further expansion. It heralds a new direction and desire for OnBrand Group to become the number one agency in cross platform content production and content technology”.


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